Estates - TKAT



Premises Management -

Target Audience - Regional Premises Managers, Premises Managers, Premises Staff, Caretakers, Business Managers

Overview - This course covers the fundamental Health and Safety regulatory requirements of operating TKAT premises, including statutory inspections, legionella management, asbestos management, controlling contractors and fulfilling the obligations of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations.

The course is delivered face-to-face over two days.


Fire Coordinator - 

Target Audience - Premises Manager, Business Manager, School Leadership

Overview - Each Academy needs someone to 'design' the school's response to fire, and this course gives the required understanding of the requirements of evacuation, how the role interacts with managing the premises and the fire risk assessment, and what decisions need to be made and documented.

The course is delivered on-line and takes up to 1½ hours


Risk Assessor - 

Target Audience - All staff

Overview - Many tasks include hazards that require a documented record of assessment. This course gives a background in the process of risk assessment, how to undertake and document the necessary stages, how to manage assessments once conducted and introduces the Trust's template assessment form.

The course is delivered on-line and takes up to 1 hour.


CoSHH Risk Assessor - 

Target Audience - Science Teachers/Preparation Staff, Premises Managers, Business Managers

Overview - Risk assessment for chemical hazards requires a considered approach, which this course provides a methodology and some background for. Covering where to find the necessary information, how to interpret safety data sheets and the basics of deciding appropriate control measures.

The course is delivered on-line and takes up to 2 hours.


If you are interested in any of this training please email to be added to the interest list. Once we have enough numbers we will look to run this training either centrally or regionally.


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